Reseting Firewall to Defaults

David Wolfe

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Is there a way to reset the firewall to defaults from the CLI? I have a clean slate in the web UI for the firewall. Nothing defined. Did have quite a few rules which I deleted but as of right now the firewall looks clean in the web UI. But, when the firewall is enabled I can't connect to Steam chat. This was one of the rules I had defined originally to block my child from staying up chatting all night long. But, now that I've removed it, the firewall still seems to block it. When I disable the firewall totally, the connection goes through fine.



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The "Firewall" isn't a single thing that can be reset. It's just a tab in the GUI that leads to options like URL Filter, etc.

Try looking at other options in the GUI, like Parental Controls and AiProtection.

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