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Router or a simple Brige to conn. NAS to MediaPlayer?

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Dear expereinced Forum-Guys!

I'm going to build my first rel network at home and I faced with the question: how can I stream my media filer form the NAS to the mediaplayer?
Currently is running a testsystem with DIR-825 from Dlink and Conceptronic USB-Stick at the Conceptronic CFULLHDMA mediaplayer. At first, it seems to be running smooth with HD-content, without continuous buffering (as with my g-router happened).
But I readed about the DAP-1522. Is it possible to use it in my case? Two of them, one connectet to the NAS, the second to my mediaplayer, to its LAN-interface. Will it build a separate network or I need anyway a router to be connected to one of the DAP-1522?

By connecting the mediaplayer via WLAN-USB stick are my choice very limited, since the CFULLHDMAi accepts only sticks with Ralink chipset. The currently used C300-RU from the house Conceptronic is using it also. My thoughts are around the capability of the stick: up 150 MBit/s down 300 MBit/s, works only on 2,4 GHz, without MIMO...

That's why I thougt to use two DAP-1522 and than connect the NAS as well as the mediaplayer with cable to their corresponding DAP's.

What are you opinions / thoughts?

The question of the router isn't decided yet ;) So I'm open for any solution :)

Thanks in advance:
vasgyuszi from Munich


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Hi Folks,
I've got a new idea:

May I have to replace my older dsl-modem (11g) by a 11n modem and than connect my NAS with the DAP-1522 to this one consistent network.

Because in the current setup I'm operating two independent wireless networks, one for my internet access and the above mentioned new one for the media streaming.
Both networks could be replaced with one bigger network (with one sigle SSID) and all my equipments can see each other. Am I right? Any hints, tipps?

Best regards,
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I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to do. A simple diagram would help.

Ethernet connection is always recommended for HD media streaming.

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