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RT-AC 87U Merlin 384.9

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hello i have flashed the router to the newest melin firmware 384.7_2 to 384.9
the router is only connected with pc.

in the view i see 2? connections ...pc-> router (ok) and then a static ip and a mac adress is also connected with the router,because router is not wired to the modem !!
i have factory resetted the router ,the static connection always appears.??!!

on 384.7_2 firm i see only one connection pc_> router...nothing more...

sorry for my bad english !
Its already been noted that this is likely an internal connection to the quantenna chip.
The address 169.254.x.x is a non-route able address. It is given to the client when getting an address from any other source fails.
ok ! it is not a firmproblem ? i can use the newest ??
thank you
If you are not having issues I would say go ahead and flash.
[QUOTE = "Elorimer, Beitrag: 463649, Mitglied: 24538"] Es wurde bereits darauf hingewiesen, dass dies wahrscheinlich eine interne Verbindung zum Quantenna-Chip ist. [/ QUOTE]
Ok thank you for your answer !

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