RT-AC68U AiMesh Guest WiFi Clients Have No Internet


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Hi everyone, I am hoping you smart folks can help me determine what I am doing wrong.

I have 3 RT-AC68U routers. One functions as the main router and the other two function as AiMesh Nodes. The nodes are connected via Ethernet Backhaul through a MOCA connection. Everything works amazingly well except for the Guest WiFi on all three RT-AC68U.

Problem: Guest clients can connect fine to any of the the Guest WiFi 2.4/5GHz SSIDs however they are not able to get out to the internet. I can see the clients connected to Guest SSIDs on the Asus Admin Web GUI. The only way the Guest clients can reach the internet is if I enable "ACCESS INTRANET" on the Guest Network settings page. This defeats the purpose of a Guest network as I do not want random IOT devices to access my internal network.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to fix this? All three RT-AC68U routers are running firmware. Thank you for your help.


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Disabling NAT Acceleration resolved my AiMesh Guest wifi Issue. Once NAT Acceleration was disabled, I made sure to disable ACCESS INTRANET on my Guest WiFi 2.4/5. When it came back online I could browse the web while connected to the AiMesh Node Guest WiFi. Thanks again @Prowler_gr

I have found that NAT acceleration causes the problem with the guest network not connecting with 'access intranet' disabled

Switching NAT Acceleration to "disable" under http://router.asus.com/Advanced_SwitchCtrl_Content.asp solved the problem at least for me

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