RT-AC68U - Which Asus routers have an interchangeable adapter?

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My dog chewed through my OEM power adapter for my RT-AC68U, so I'm trying to find a replacement adapter.

My preference is for a genuine Asus part. Since it sounds like Asus doesn't sell spare power adapters, and my local electronics store quoted me $90 for an aftermarket version, it looks like my best bet will be to buy a cheaper (<$90) Asus router second hand, just for the part.

Which leads me to the question - which Asus router models have a power adapter (output and plug type/size) that will fit an RT-AC68U?

I can see the following models listed locally secondhand. Would adapters taken from any of the following do the job: DSL-N55U, RT-AC66U (either B1 or non-B1 version, if it makes any difference), DSL-AC68U/R?

Otherwise, any suggestions for other models I should look for?

Also - similar post to this thread, however I couldn't find forum rules to tell me whether I should piggyback there or start a fresh thread. Sorry if I've broken a rule!
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I hope your dog is alright after that experience...

The label on the back of your router shows the power input specifications. On occasions I've seen on eBay original adapters of sorts - possibly related to the dog chewed the router syndrome :)


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Thanks for the suggestions. I did see that eBay link however I'm in Australia so I would need a different prong type. But more to the point, I would prefer to use an Asus genuine part which is why I'd rather buy another router model secondhand just for the power supply.

@Torson thanks mate - fortunately it was unplugged at the time! :eek:

And thanks for the suggestion. In addition to power input specs, do you know whether there is anything on the router or power supply label that specifies the plug type (i.e. the end of the power cord that physically attaches to the router)? My concern is that this may vary between router models so something with the right power input specs may not physically fit.

At this stage my best bet may be to message the sellers of the Asus routers listed in my original post, and ask them to tell me their power supply model number.

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