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RT-AC68u with Strange Log "rc_service: ahs 535:notify_rc rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516"

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New Around Here
Hi Everyone,

I get a strange record in general log recently:

Jan 11 15:16:00 rc_service: ahs 535:notify_rc rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516
Jan 11 15:16:20 ahs: [self_healing]take action-[rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516].
Jan 11 15:16:20 rc_service: ahs 535:notify_rc rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516
Jan 11 15:16:22 ahs: [self_healing]take action-[rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516].
Jan 11 15:16:22 rc_service: ahs 535:notify_rc rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516
Jan 11 15:16:24 ahs: [self_healing]take action-[rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516].
Jan 11 15:16:24 rc_service: ahs 535:notify_rc rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516

I followed the post
to remove chknvram20230516. But the message "rc_service: ahs 535:notify_rc rm -rf /jffs/asd/chknvram20230516" still keeps appearing in log. What should I do?

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