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RT-AC86U - 386.12 : OpenVPN server crash when applying other network changes

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Hello all,

I recently experienced issues with my openVPN server.
When I apply changes to networks config, such as activating or deactivating guest wifi, activating or deactivating static Route.

My OpenVPN goes to this state for ever, until I apply the VPN config again.


I just updated to firmware 386.12 from 386.7, and it did not resolve this issue.

Do you have any idea ?
I obviously don't change network setting regularly, but I'm in the process of changing my home network, that's why the issue became visible.

Thx a lot
It's obviously caused by the changes you discussed in your other thread here. So you need to be investigating the impact of those changes on the VPN server.
You need to provide all the relevant information from your other thread (or just continue that thread), none of which you mentioned in your OP. Without that information people will just waste time second-guessing what you've done and re-treading the same path.
I Opened a new thread because it has nothing to do with the previous one, since I experice the same issue without touching the guest wifi (which I disabled btw)

Where can I find the logs for openVPN srv ?

thx a lot
It is in the system log if you have not set your own path.

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