RT-AC86U Aicloud smart access not working [SOLVED]


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I have windows 10 pc share directory and trying to access it via AiCloud smart access on RT-AC86U router
AiCloud apps or using windows browser, I can see my windows 10 pc
When try to acces it, it pops up login and password windows, but never succesfully login
try login : computer_name\account or account, never succesfull
windows 10 pc is not part of domain
anybody know how to resolve this issue?


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btw, i can succesfully access directory map on windows using
net use z: \\computer_name\share_folde /user:computer_name\account


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Windows Event Viewer shows SMB server authentication failure below

SMB Session Authentication Failure

Client Name: \\
Client Address:
User Name:
Session ID: 0xD80000000055
Status: The attempted logon is invalid. This is either due to a bad username or authentication information. (0xC000006D)
SPN: session setup failed before the SPN could be queried
SPN Validation Policy: SPN optional / no validation


You should expect this error when attempting to connect to shares using incorrect credentials.

This error does not always indicate a problem with authorization, but mainly authentication. It is more common with non-Windows clients.

This error can occur when using incorrect usernames and passwords with NTLM, mismatched LmCompatibility settings between client and server, an incorrect service principal name, duplicate Kerberos service principal names, incorrect Kerberos ticket-granting service tickets, or Guest accounts without Guest access enabled

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