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RT-AX82U asuswrt-merlin.ng - build kernel module

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New Around Here
I need ftdi_sio.ko for merlin firmware for RT-AX82U
which release is correct? src-rt-5.02axhnd src-rt-5.02axhnd.675x src-rt-5.02hnd src-rt-5.02L.07p2axhnd src-rt-5.04axhnd.675x src-rt-6.x.4708 src-rt-7.14.114.x
Welcome to the forum.

I think this is not the right place to ask about this (I might be wrong tho), because there is a dedicated section for the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware.
The mods will probably move your thread if needed and perhaps somebody (maybe @RMerlin) can help.

Good luck.

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