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RT-AX82u v2 160mhz not working

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New Around Here
Hello, I recently installed an RT-AX82u v2. Works great. The only issue is when I check the box 160mhz. I do that, apply, reboot the router and it stops broadcasting 5ghz altoghether.

I am using smart connect, but if I turn it off with 160mhz on only the 2.4ghz network boots.

I have checked auto select channels including DFS channels (automatically checked when you activate 160mhz). Other than that the router is pretty much vanilla settings. Security WPA-2 personal if that has anything to do with it.

When I say that the 5ghz network does not show up I mean that with a wifi analyser the 5ghz does not show up at all. On the router 5ghz light is on.

Any clue what the problem might be?

Thank you very much.
How long are you waiting for the 5GHz band? Depending on your location and what channels are available there will be an additional delay of either 1 minute or 10 minutes before the 5GHz band becomes active.
Ah, thanks for this. I have been waiting up to 5 minutes. I am in the UK. I'll try to wait 10 minutes now and see what happens - thanks for the tip!

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