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ASU’s rt-ax82u v2 gnu/merlin firmware?

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New Around Here

Just bought the Asia rt-ax82u v2 from Amazon - ripped the box so can’t return it…

I like the router mostly - got about 700mb peak on my wireless with a 900mb bt fibre line.

I realise that Merlin isn’t available though - gnu has v1, but I can’t see a v2.

Can anyone help, please? I’m keen to get nextdns working via cli but that requires Merlin (or maybe gnu).

Sorry to chime in, but I have the AX68U so I'm curious how you like the AX82U though the fact you mention returning it has me wonder. And I personally prefer ASWRT to Merlin since I see too many threads posted about problems when using it. Regardless I hope you find the solution you seek. Thanks
Tbf, I’m happy with it - but want to be able CLI nextdns so it works correctly with dns over https.

That and kill switch for vpn

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