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[RT-AX88U] Beta firmware

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I don't have it. was published on the forum 52asus, but I can not register to download it.
[Beta FW] RT-AX88U_9.0.0.4_384_5482-gf3a170c

You can also share beta firmware on this forum?

Thanks in advance.

wondering why they switched from "3" to "9"

new [Beta FW]RT-AX88U_9.0.0.4_384_5756-g2e08173_cferom_ubi
FW:[Beta FW]RT-AX88U_9.0.0.4_384_5756
Changelog:Optimizing Client Display
download link:delete

This firmware comes from 52ASUS Forum (official test firmware). If you have any objection, please do not download it. Thank you!
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Residents outside of China can not register and use the 52asus forum. I ask you if you can download it and share it here

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