RT-AX88U main router with a pair of XT8 AiMesh nodes

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I have a pair of XT8 AiMesh nodes, that I want to be able to set up with VLANs to isolate my IoT devices (all are on the 2.4ghz network), and cameras (which are all connected using a switch to one port in the router). However, as far as I could tell, this is not possible with the XT8's. I came across this project and from what I've been reading it is possible to achieve this with Merlin installed on the router. My questions are:
  1. If I'm setting up VLANs on the main router (probably RT-AX88U), will AiMesh propagate this information to the XT8 nodes?
  2. I've seen several posts with scripts on how to setup VLANs, but couldn't find the documentation. Where is the documentation on the commands that are used to do this setup? I want to be sure that it is possible to achieve what I want before buying the RT-AX88U
Thanks a lot in advance!


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1. No.
2. There is no documentation as VLANs are not a supported feature of Merlin's firmware. Any VLAN functionality is only provided unofficially by users and varies depending on the specific router being used.


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Bummer and thanks for the fast reply!

Any other way to achieve similar functionality that will be supported by all nodes?

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