RT-AX89X drops LAN 3&4 when set to VLAN 36

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Luc Duguay

New Around Here
Hi I am new here, but been lurking for years.
I have a particular problem with the RT-AX89X. It is a brand new unit, fully reset to factory setting and that came with the latest firmware already installed (
I have the WAN port on 10Gb SFP+ over a fiber connection 1500/940 (Bell Canada). The Copper 10Gb port is connected to a 10G switch.
LAN1 is connected to a GT-AX11000 as an access point for Wifi and 1Gbps Ethernet devices.
LAN4 is on Vlan 36 connected to a IPTV STB.

You can see here that LAN 4 is unplugged!!

When I remove Vlan 36 from LAN4 (or LAN 3), I get the expected 1Gbps connection.

This exact setting works fine on the GT-AX11000, but not on the RT-AX89X.
I tried disabling NAT acceleration to no avail.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?


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