Second Router wont assign IP adress

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New Around Here
I have been told by a reddit user at r/HomeNetworking to post my question here, and I have since googled a bit around the forum and haven't found anyone with similar problem soo I am creating a new Thread in hopes someone can help me.

Soo I have been having quite a headache with the TP Link deco m5 series, after a lot of stress I got them sorta to the point of working but of course a new problem appeared. When i connect a second laptop to the downstairs router trough cable it refuses to assign a valid IPv4 address to it. It assigns IPv6 fine and if I manually input the ip address it works good too, however the DHCP server doesn't feel like assigning it automatically.

I have checked and the DHCP server is working fine and seems to work for everything else, however this isn't the first time i ran into trouble with these things, as sometimes it even refused to give valid IPv4 addresses to other deco's in the network and on rare occasions crashed my network completely to the point where i was left with only IPv6 for weeks.

I annexed a small diagram of my network bellow to help, whenever I don't say the connected line is WIFI that means its connected by standard ethernet cable. Both routers are on router mode as i am too afraid to depend on the deco due to the problems it has been having (I also experienced horrible latency on gaming when i tried to use the deco on my gaming PC soo its connected directly to my ISP router) the ISP router doesn't have a brand only model number and it seems to be a custom software but i can sorta navigate trough it.

Thank you for your help


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