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Sell my eero Pro 6Es for Asus?

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Hello everyone. I had an AiMesh setup (mix of ax88u and ax86u) and then switched to eero Pro 6E. The eero's have been nice, however, I am missing the customizability I had and am considering selling my eero Pro's and go back to Asus routers or a combination of Asus/pfsense. To be clear, nothing was wrong with the Asus routers but the eero's were on sale and it seemed like a worthwhile upgrade.

Curious to know if anyone else did this? Not so much asking for hardware advice but if there was buyer's remorse (moving away from Asus routers!)

If they're working, keep them until it is worth moving back (WiFi 7 Gen 2... a year or more from today).
Curious to know if anyone else did this?

You can use your Asus router as wired router and Amazon eero Pro for Wi-Fi. @Smokey613 had a setup like this, @Viktor Jaep has similar with Google Nest. Other folks around use Ubiquiti, TP-Link, Zyxel, Cisco small business series APs at affordable for home use prices. For pfSense - home routers don't make good APs due to the lack of VLANs support. If you go this route better get proper business class APs. There are threads discussing options here on SNB Forums.
Appreciate the feedback. L&LD, the eero is working fine (if it wasn't I would've returned them ASAP)! It has more to do with flexibility/customizations. Mind you, I knew moving from the Asus AiMesh setup to the eero would be restrictive in comparison. I was fine with that for a while, but lately, been wanting to go back to the level of customization Asus offers. (I was running Merlin, though the stock firmware destroys anything I can do with the eero products!)
Amazon eero is closer to Easy Button solution category. If you want your customizations back - see post #3 above.
I caved and I'm back to the AiMesh/Merlin fold! I like my setup so far:
AX86U Pro - Main node
ZenWiFi Pro AXE11000 (x2) - wired backhaul

While the VLAN beta didn't work quite how I liked, the fact that I can setup multiple Guest Networks, Wireguard Server, and PIA VPN to a segment of my network is more than worth the change. I have my eeros all packed up and ready to be sold ($400 for anyone who is interested, BTW).

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