setting LLDPD and using lldpcli - why and whats it for, also checking your config


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depending on your need you can set up LLDP also known as Logical Link Discovery Protocol.

Its in everything, Windows, switches, Linux, MacOS you name it ... it has it as a feature...

This is a method for discovery to locate and find various devices on your network mostly for humans....

***************************WARNING with great Power comes Greater responsibility ***************************
- if you manually turn this on DO NOT turn it on for ALL ports. (i have not confirmed with an outside span port but i will provide directions how to specify a port(s)
- verify you are not RECEIVING- anything on WAN (eth0) lldpcli show neighbors port eth0
- Once i get a span capable switch i will check and verify wan is not xmitting
First lets look at the command

lldpd: invalid option -- '-'
Usage: lldpd [OPTIONS ...]
Version: lldpd 0.9.8

-d Do not daemonize.
-r Receive-only mode
-i Disable LLDP-MED inventory TLV transmission.
-k Disable advertising of kernel release, version, machine.
-S descr Override the default system description.
-P name Override the default hardware platform.
-m IP Specify the IPv4 management addresses of this system.
-u file Specify the Unix-domain socket used for communication with lldpctl(8).
-H mode Specify the behaviour when detecting multiple neighbors.
-I iface Limit interfaces to use.
-M class Enable emission of LLDP-MED frame. 'class' should be one of:
1 Generic Endpoint (Class I)
2 Media Endpoint (Class II)
3 Communication Device Endpoints (Class III)
4 Network Connectivity Device

Additional protocol support.
-c Enable the support of CDP protocol. (Cisco)
-e Enable the support of EDP protocol. (Extreme)
-f Enable the support of FDP protocol. (Foundry)
-s Enable the support of SONMP protocol. (Nortel)

see manual page lldpd(8) for more information
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root#

For advanced home users you would need to know what the peer devices are.... universally Cisco is a pretty good choice also


so for my example I am going to do the following

lldpd -m -I eth1,eth2,eth3,eth4,eth5,eth6,eth7 -c

This allows me to advertise my management ip to only the inside interfaces

Checking config:

lldpcli show configuration

seeing peer devices
lldpcli show neighbors
lldpcli show neighbors detail

Heres a wonderful article with some great syntax on using lldpcli



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I'm confused. lldpd is already running by default on Asus routers. Also, your link isn't to an "article" as such, but just the standard Linux man page. :confused:

N.B. I wouldn't advise changing the router's lldpd configuration too much if you're using AiMesh because that's what the router's using it for.
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ah okay... i didn't realize... i turned on C mode so i can see my other Cisco switches in my topology. and yes you're correct it wasnt an article rather the man page for the cli commands

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