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Setting up DSL-N16 as a WDS Access Point using a Phone Hotspot

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Due to temporary internet repairs lasting for two weeks, I'm seeking a solution to provide internet access to all my home devices using my phone's 5G hotspot.

In this situation, I have a DSL-N16 router available, and I'm wondering if I can utilize its WDS (Wireless Distribution System) mode to act as an access point (AP). This would enable my home devices to connect to the internet through my phone's hotspot.

By configuring the DSL-N16 router in WDS mode, I aim to extend the wireless network coverage and facilitate internet connectivity for all devices in my home. This setup allows me to utilize the capabilities of both the DSL-N16 router and my phone's 5G hotspot to create a reliable internet connection.

During the two-week period of internet repairs, I want to ensure that my devices can stay connected and access the internet seamlessly. The WDS mode in the DSL-N16 router could serve as a practical solution for this http://essaywriter.org/pay-for-essays.

Please note that specific steps for configuring WDS mode may vary depending on the DSL-N16 router model and firmware version. It is advisable to consult the router's user manual or the manufacturer's support documentation for detailed instructions tailored to your device.

By leveraging the WDS mode on the DSL-N16 router, I hope to provide uninterrupted internet access to my home devices using the reliable connection from my phone's 5G hotspot.

If you have any suggestions or tips regarding this setup, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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