Skynet skynet dies after a few mins of running on Johns fork 47D5 ac68U

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Is there any issues with running skynet on Johns fork? I am having this problem where I will boot or reboot the router, skynet starts fine infact everything starts fine. but after a few minutes skynet quits running with the errors in red

IPSets | [Failed]
IPTables Rules | [Failed]

when i print debug info the only thing that comes up as a problem is this

------------------- | ----------
| Test Description | | | Result |
-------------------- | ----------

Internet-Connectivity | [Passed]
Write Permission | [Passed]
Config File | [Passed]
Firewall-Start Entry | [Passed]
Services-Stop Entry | [Passed]
Service-Event Entry | [Passed]
Profile.add Entry | [Passed]
SWAP File | [Passed]
Cron Jobs | [Passed]
NTP Sync | [Passed]
IPSet Comment Support | [Passed]
Log Level 5 Settings | [Passed]
Duplicate Rules In RAW | [Passed]
IPSets | [Failed]

and all i need to do to fix things is to restart skynet. it will restart with a lockfile detected. after a minute or 2 the lock file goes away. (what is that btw?) and skynet runs fine untill 10 or 20 minutes later it happens again! and again. and again.

i have tried resetting the router via the wps button as well as reset from the gui. also tried swapping usb drives. but the thing is that i never had this problem with skynet running on the 386 beta 1 through 4 which is what i was running before johns fork.

btw is there any issues with skynet and wds? i have a few 68us in a wds mesh network....


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Make sure you have the latest version of Skynet. IPSET was recently updated and required a Skynet update.

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