Small Feature request - Add Export button to DHCP reservations in LAN > DHCP Server

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On Merlin's firmware (or even if Asus are listening!), is it possible to copy the current EXPORT button on Network MAP LIST GUI and put it on the DHCP Server tab under LAN?

When resetting a router after firmware upgrade, it would be easier when putting all the DHCP reservations in by hand if I could have exported current details to a spreadsheet prior, as the MACS, descriptions and IP addresses would be in there.

There's a way using SSH, but its far more clunkier and this code already exists for outputting the NETWORK MAP > VIEW LIST.


Network MAP.JPG


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Great Idea +++


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Once it gets added to DHCP, then people will start asking to also add it to port forwarding. Then to parental control. And then to... you get the idea.

There are scripts available already to do that.


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I stopped using the web interface for that., Just make a 'dnsmasq.conf.add' script.

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