Feature Request: Export/Import DHCP Manual Addresses and Port Forwarding Config

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When changing routers (different Asus models), I usually manually configure the new router from the old's settings in the Web GUI. There doesn't seem to be a way currently to mass configure the DHCP Manual Addresses (LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IPs) and Port Forwarding (WAN -> Virtual Server / Port Forwarding -> Port Forwarding List) config in the GUI. The options currently seem to be either import ALL config or manually configure each item individually?

So I wondered whether it was possible to add a feature to Export and Import just these settings to a simple CSV file directly from their Web Pages - This would certainly speed initial configuration up and help with Config Management.

Thanks for your consideration!

Butterfly Bones

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Simple solution for DHCP Static List.

More compete but that are some things that can go very wrong so read instructions carefully!


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Not sure about Port Forwarding list, but personally I would use Xentrks dhcpstaticlist.sh script, select option 4 and have all the DHCP static addresses and host names put into a dnsmasq.conf.add file.
Then, simply edit this file when you want to add/modify/delete assignments. Once you make a change, simply restart DHCP - no reboot required. I use Jack Yaz scmerlin script to restart DNS since I can never remember the proper service restart command!

I haven't used the nvram DHCP lease settings for a few years. Frees up nvram space and the dnsmasq.conf.add file is much more portable.


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Unlikely. If the door is open for one specific setting, then people will start asking to also add it for X, Y and Z, and it will never end.

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