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Some good news too. Hackers get hacked/taken down.

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And all the knowledge and online 'protection' they could get around (for their attacks) was useless to them too when it was targeted at them.

There is some guy that posts videos of hacking scammers, it's hilarious that it is as simple as clicking "request control" in whatever remote access app they have you use, they just click "OK" thinking it is part of them taking over your computer. Then he copies their files, wipes their PCs, takes their picture with the webcam, etc. In a few cases managed to drain all the card numbers they had collected and their bank accounts and returned the money to people he found in the files.

There was another much more advanced group of people that did similar things but also hacked the security cameras at the places, and I believe got a couple of them raided even.

But in reality, cut off the head and 5 more appear.....
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