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Switch between ISP and two routers

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New Around Here
I have CAT6 running from home to wife's studio building (connected), and CAT6 from home to my shop (not connected). The current installation runs from the dish (streaming from a local peak) to a TP-Link AX-73 wifi router in the living room which gives us nearly whole house, even at 5,000sf. The wife's office is wired from the AX-73.
The plan is to wire a switch between the ISP and the AX-73. Then a wired router from the switch to my office and to my shop.

Q: What configuration path do I need to run two routers (one wired, the other WiFi) off the switch?

ISP (regional from a local peak)
Switch (TP-Link SG1008MP, all 8 ports have a PoE budget of 146w)
WiFi router (TP-Link AX-73)
Wired router (TBD) - input requested

I'm not sure I understand your question.
The ISP didn't provide any information for an internet connection. And the IP is dynamic. I can get a static IP for a small charge.
If I need to tweak my router, I open tplinkwifi.net and log in with a pw.
Let me know if I'm missing your intent...

I'm relatively new to networking. In the past I've built 1/2 doz computers, can configure the OS, r & r components, etc. So, I'm a fairly competent end user.
I'm catching up on networking acronyms and know how to search, study up on what I don't know. One thing that's extremely valuable is to tap into forums like this and connect with those with more experience than myself.
What you are proposing isn't usually possible because the ISP device will usually only allow one host device to be connected to it (i.e. a router). But it could work if your ISP "dish" device is actually a router. Does the ISP device have multiple LAN sockets? If not, then it's likely this won't work.

The way around it is to place your switch (if it's needed at all) on the LAN side of your AX-73.

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