TCP 42443 opened in R7800 firewall

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R. Gerrits

Senior Member
R7800 running Voxel V1.0.2.86SF
Today I noticed in iptables firewall that TCP 42443 was opened between the router and the internet, in both directions.

a bit of google showed that that port was used by the kwilt software that was optionally on the router.
But I have disabled kwilt both directly via Voxel firmware and via Kamoj's addon (V5.4b31).

doublechecking the nvram settings, I sew this:

[email protected]:~$ nvram show |grep -i kwilt
ntgr_api_firewall1=brwan TCP 42443 "Kwilt-WAN-HTTPS"
[email protected]:~$

so I tried this:
nvram unset ntgr_api_firewall1
nvram commit
net-wall restart

and then it was gone.

perhaps it helps some others who might notice this in the future.

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