The rmerlin donation thread.

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Donation made and very much appreciate all your efforts, can't imagine the time you've spent working on this over the years.

1st post but actively reading the forums for the last year or so since being Asus owner.

can't wait for your release of 386


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Donation made from dudeonthedrums. Eric - this is thanks for the flawless performance I have enjoyed from Merlin for the last 6 1/2 years on my AC66U. The latest Merlin will go onto my new AX86U if/when they fill my backorder! :)


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I just sent a donation. Thanks for all your hard and tedious work RMerlin!


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Great work RMerlin. Donated (again)...

Just fully transitioned 3x router setup from 384.19 to 386.1 and everything working perfectly.


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386.1 working great!

More tendies sent your way!

(can't send donation so sent it normally, sorry if that is an issue).



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Great work, thanks, donated! Been using your code for quite a while, just moved to 386.1, works great. Will load it on new AIMesh setup.

RT-AC-86U, soon to add RT-AX86U

JT Strickland

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I broke a long standing rule today with Paypal. They stiffed me out of a few bucks many moons ago, and I have not used them or helped their financial situation any until today. It's the only way that I had to protest them. Anyway, it wasn't much, but that's the only way that I could figure out to buy a few friends a cup of coffee.
I appreciate you guys and your work.


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A small donation today as thanks for your excellent work. Also, many thanks to eibgrad for being a great help with my script troubles - and for fixing them competely. It's a teriffic forum.


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Had been a while since I last donated so I did it all together tonight including addon devs. Many thanks for making router installation fun Eric, needed this relaxing tinkering after a super stressful day at work.
My wife wouldn't agree with the router being offline all evening but she understands :)
A big thanks to L&LD too, whose guides I followed to get everything up and running.


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Donation made as an small "thanks" for your effort!.

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