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Thinking of swapping to asus router - need some advice?

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New Around Here
Currently using DD-WRT on Netgear (please don't shoot me), finding that it is not too stable. So looking to move to the RT-AX86U if i can either find it cheap 2nd hand or in stock brand new(will not pay a new price for 2nd hand kit lol).

Just wondering if I swap to Asus WRT Merlin NG will I have access to vlans, including being able to set up an additional wifi virtual network connect connected to those VLANs?

Also can i tweak the wifi settings to boost performance and range link on can in dd wrt (tx, beacons ect).

Many Thanks Damien
Use to run a WRT54g with DDWRT. Years ago! Worked very well. Then I discovered Asus.
Spend the bucks on an AX86U Pro or an AX6000. Has beta firmware with VLANs.

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