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Thoughts on Merlin for my RT-AC66U_B1 as a fix for my wireless problems


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I have a new RT-AC66U_B1 with the latest ASUS firmware I'm running it in repeater mode but I'm having strange problems with some wireless devices. The connect function on my Toshiba/Midea A/C unit is intermittent. The Blink sync module was intermittent and now it won't reattach to the network even after a power cycle. Pings to from an ethernet connected laptop are OK but there are some lost pings and an occasional high value. Google speed test shows a full speed up and download.

Would switching to Merlin (384.18) likely help? I already use it with an RT-AC86U and it's great.


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Highly unlikely. The wifi code is closed source, and therefore identical.


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Try setting "Protected Management Frames" to Disable if it's any other setting.


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You might try AiMesh with wired backhaul. Should work better than repeater. I have tested my AC66U_B1 as a mesh node with my AC86U. Worked quite well. Tested with Merlin and Asus firmware. Wifi and wired.


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About a hour ago the router died (3 weeks old). Even a wired connection wouldn't work. Returned it via the UPS store method. Will order another AC66U_B1 today unless there's a better cost-effective solution.

Wired back haul isn't viable as this is in a separate adjacent building with concrete between them and no easy way to run a cable. Wanted to stick with repeater so I can put my old DD-WRT router back into service if needed. No experience with AiMesh so I'll skip that.

Oh well - stuff happens. Hope this failure was a one off. My other 2 ASUS routers have been in service for over a year without any problems.

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