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Transfer files to another device (raspi) in the same network

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I need to automatically transfer files from my RT-AC86U to a Rasperry Pi in the same network. amtm is installed and entware, too. The raspi is connected to the router by an ethernet cable and IP adresses are known, of course. The raspi has a SSD connected which is mounted.

I'm wondering how to achieve this? What program do I need? Can it be done by wget or curl? Never used these two programs until now.
Which side is in control? Is the RT-AC86U pushing files to the Pi, or is the Pi pulling files from the router?

You could use lftp, rsync, scp, etc.
Ah, it's the router pushing files to the Pi.

Okay, I'll try and see how to operate them. :)
Just to add, that of course you can use curl as you initially mentioned. The router already has curl so you probably don't need to install the Entware version. You can also choose your preferred protocol depending on what servers the Pi is running. Personally I like plain FTP. Some examples here:

For example:
curl -T /etc/hosts -u colin:mypassword ftp://myPi/
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