Unable to establish PPPoE session with ISP

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New Around Here
Anyone got any suggestion on RT-AX58U, I am trying to replace my ISP's router with Asus RT-AX58U running merlin 384.19, using PPPoE Connection.
I've entered my username and password however I worry that it doesn't get to the authentication step as changing the password for something random doesn't change the outcome.

In the system logs I receive:
```pppd [pid]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery```
followed with
```Timeout waiting for PADO packets```

Any hints would be appreciated.


New Around Here


New Around Here
Thank you very much for the link.
I was able to fix the issue by following some of the recommendation (Mac clone function). Initially, I tried with Dual WAN but connection was being interrupted and every minute failed over to the second part which gave me intermittent access only. I disabled Dual WAN and rebooted the router and it worked just fine, I also have to have NAT enabled for connection to happen.

Just wanted to follow up in case someone else hits similar issue.

Once again for your help.

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