Unable to run new (ELF) binary on 386.5_2


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I used to be able to do this (2 years ago) but now when I place a binary(0755) in /jffs/tools I get from a ssh session "-sh: mybinary: not found", nothing found in the release notes.
I tried export PATH=$PATH:/jffs/tools
I tried '/jffs/tools/mybinary'


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Asus have added extra checks over recent years to stop malware executables being placed in jffs. It may be that.

Does it run if you place it elsewhere, e.g. on a USB drive?


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It runs fine on other ELF supported systems (cross compiled) and 384.17. It use to run in /var or /bin but these are write protected.
I may try usb but it should be run from jffs.

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