Unbound Optimizations for Gt-AX11000?

John DeLuca

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Hello, there just a quick question are there any decent tweaks to make to unbound config for my router given its horsepower? RN I have no issues I'm just curious. I did change the threads to 2 and increased the ram cache I believe from 8/16 to 128/256 as per a guide I found somewhere on here.

By default is the DNS Cache stored on DRAM or on SSD and is it persistent? Any way to increase the size of it as I have plenty of room on my flash drive.


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I run unbound on my Ras-pi, except for the threads and the ram everything else should be the same

      # These options should be added to the existing server configuration,
      # overwriting existing values if they're there.

      # This refreshes expiring cache entries if they have been accessed with
      # less than 10% of their TTL remaining
      prefetch: yes

      # This attempts to reduce latency by serving the outdated record before
      # updating it instead of the other way around. Alternative is to increase
      # cache-min-ttl to e.g. 3600.
      cache-min-ttl: 0
      serve-expired: yes
      # I had best success leaving this next entry unset.
      # serve-expired-ttl: 3600 # 0 or not set means unlimited (I think)

      # Use about 2x more for rrset cache, total memory use is about 2-2.5x
      # total cache size. Current setting is way overkill for a small network.
      # Judging from my used cache size you can get away with 8/16 and still
      # have lots of room, but I've got the ram and I'm not using it on anything else.
      # Default is 4m/4m
      msg-cache-size: 128m
      rrset-cache-size: 256m

I'm happy with the performance so far

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