Very unreliable AiMesh with RT-AC5300 & RT-AC3100

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So i've been trying to get this to work right. Initially everything is fine all my AiMesh nodes pair to the RT-AC5300. The thing is after I start enabling things like VPN Server / Diversion & I reboot the router or I disconnect the ethernet wire from the node the whole thing stalls. The only way for me to get back network connectivity is to unplug everything / power on first the RT-AC5300 then all the nodes. Also I have had issues where after a reboot the AiMesh nodes don't even appear in the interface / To fix I have to reboot. Once everything starts to work it stays working till I make any changes in the router interface such as changing a wireless channel. This again requires me to reboot / or the whole network stops responding. Meaning I can't access the page. If I try the nodes IPs when this happens I get it is detecting the AiMesh router & that never changes till I reboot everything. I have resorted to switching all the nodes to AP mode. When I do this it never has problems. Its just AiMesh mode that isn't working correctly. Has anyone else experienced this unreliability using AiMesh?

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