vpn client stops working after WAN_Connection: WAN was restored.


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ax88 386.8.
the one client thats redirected to the vpn is unable to connect to anything unless i stop and restart the vpn client. Internet isnt actually being interrupted, at least not dropping any connections that are in use outside of the vpn. anyone else notice this?


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Same here.
Log says WAN_Connection: WAN was restored.
No earlier warnings than the usual warnings over link-mtu / keysize / comp-lzo witch keep coming all-day
The existing connection is still working, but when i change the url to some other site no connection possible.
Other users on that vpn such as my phone get connected to router but "No Internet"
Internet without VPN works normal
No indication on the providers routerlog that the internet was down
Happens with intervals from hours to days.

router RT AX68U Merlin 386.7_2

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