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What would be the best approach for having a laundry list of IPs be routed over VPN?

For traffic origination from 1 LAN device, I would rather not add them one by one to VPN director. Can they all just be added to OPVN.conf? And still keep all traffic not destined for those IPs over WAN?


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What you're looking for is what some firmware provides; the ability to associate one or more LAN devices, based on their assigned IP, to a "named" group, then specify that name for routing over the VPN. ExpressVPN's firmware for ASUS routers provides that very functionality. But no such thing exists w/ ASUS, either OEM or Merlin.

The only thing you can really do to help ease the burden is assign IPs to those devices such that they belong to an IP range that can be expressed w/ a single IP network using CIDR notation.

For example, the range through (64 hosts) can be expressed as If you were to use that range w/ the DHCP server, or even the assignment of static routes, then you wouldn't have to list all the individual IPs that make up the range, just the one line containing

You can create smaller or larger ranges too (32 hosts, 128 hosts, etc.) as long as you use the correct CIDR notation.

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