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VPN Director with TAP tunnel in site-to-site seems not working but allowed

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I am using Asus Melin 386.9

I would like to setup a site to site (site A and site B) TAP OpenVPN tunnel using VPN Director in the following way:
  • only a specific device (b) in site B is connected to site A.
  • All other devices in B (except device b) use the local B internet connection.

But as far as I can see, when I select in site B, the option for a TAP Tunnel, suddenly "Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel" "VPN Director" combo box disapper, and I can only chose between NO or Yes (All).

In the VPN Director page, is not advertised that TAP Tunnel kind is not supported, so I wonder if it is possible to do this or not.

To be more precise, I have to following need

Site A
dhcp server mask
site to site server TAP with internet output

Site B
dhcp server mask
site to site client TAP with only a single device (called lets say b) that throught the VPN Director, reach DHCP server at site A, which assign it an ip from the pool 192.168.119.x

In other words, i would like to have just one device of site B that acts like it stay in site A LAN at layer 2, with a given ip address from the DHCP of site A

Is it possible ?
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