VPN Loses connection - Killswitch does not work?


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Hi All,

I have a fairly new RT-AX88U.

And I run a VPN client.

And I used the instructions on https://support.nordvpn.com/Connectivity/Router/1047410642/AsusWRT-Merlin-setup-with-NordVPN.htm to setup the connection.

And so far ALWAYS the Killswitch worked (using an AC86U which is now retired).

However now .. I notices that the moment the VPN client is turned off I get my real IP on WIFI devices.
And on my PC I still get the VPN IP address (instead of my real address).

Can somebody verify that the killswitch is not working on the RT-AX88U?
Or has somebody a great tip?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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What version of the firmware are you using?

Note that the instructions on the NordVPN site are out of date because the OpenVPN implementation has now changed with the addition of VPN Director tab. Manually turning off a VPN client will disable any kill switch that was associated with it.

There should be no difference between wired and wireless clients. Perhaps your wired client was caching some information.


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Version 386.3.2 .. latest

I did manage to find the post! Sorry about asking the same stuff twice.
I also found your copy of the script (I'm still reading the thread to see if you have another version, or just one - and it works)

Many thanks!

I also asked @RMerlin .. in I hope a pretty nice tone .. if he would be so kind to re-implement the previous working of the killswitch. Maybe an option to disable wan connection on request (after disabling VPN yourself)?

And yes.. my PC seems a bit slugish .. I did set a fixed IP and DNS .. maybe that is why it;s not refreshing fast enough.

Again thanks!

Solved for now!


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Fyi, he (RMerlin) won't. He has already stated this previously (if he changes anything, one group will praise him, and another group will want the change reverted). The current way it works is the one that makes the most (logical) sense.

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