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VPN server running but Linux Client can't connect?

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Hey all.

I have OpenVPN server running, only changed the VPN access to both LAN and Internet. Exported the configuration file to my Linux Mint 21.2 client.
Installed the client on my Linux succesfully with the client opvn file. But I can't connect to the VPN server? Linux Mint is using NetworkManager.
What needed to be changed?


How are you testing? If you're testing across the lan (same network) it won't work.
I'm not an English-speaking user, and I also experienced the same issue.

I tested it from an external network.

On macOS,
using OpenVPN Connect didn't have any issues.

On Arch Linux,
using OpenVPN-client via pacman had no issues (tested two days ago).
However, when I installed network-manager-openvpn via pacman and tried to connect, problems arose (also tested two days ago).

I haven't had the time to check the logs, but I suspect the issue might be on the client side.
Ohh.. I testet on LAN (same network, yes). How do I make it work? Needs to make it work on Computers, mobil (android)
Testing a mobile would be easy, just disable the WiFi (at least in the uk 4G/5G allow VPN connections).
Testing a computer can be done by hot-spotting with your mobile.
There is no real use case for VPN over a lan, it's already as private as it gets.

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