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WireGuard Server is running but clients cant connect

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My Wireguard server on ax86u is running but clients (windows, android) cant connect to this server. I tried restart, renew clients conf, the domain is OK.
Please, how can I check wireguard server log? Or what else can I do?
Are you testing over LAN? It won't work that way, it only works via the WAN port (internet).
No, I not testing over LAN. It worked fine for over 6 months. I didnt chage anything but now it stop working. I use wireguard for accesing my LAN from smartphone using mobile internet.
I observed that Listen Port from GUI is 51820 but
# wg show
interface: wgs1
listening port: 43635

When I change listen port from GUI also the port displayed by command line get changed but a different one...randomly


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