WAN_Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.

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The documentation is wrong. It's 12 requests per minute, one every 5 seconds. This means it's 0.2Hz.
Well that makes more sense. Scary that someone at Asus knows the term "Hz" but doesn't understand the definition, but that's a different issue.


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the lease had been changed to only 1 hour!!!! So, my hypothesis is that the isp changed a policy, and either the cable modem or the Asus somehow got the old lease time stuck.
Mystery deepening a bit - the router ended up restarting itself a couple of minutes later with kernel errors complaining about nvram corruption, and post recovery the lease time showed as a day - same setting I have for the router's dhcp server to my lan. So now I'm not sure if it's router hardware or a bad config, or there is a bug with the handling of the dhcp renewal. I will factory reset today and debug further, and follow up when I've got a conclusion. Still feels like I'm on to something with the renewal cycle though...

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