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Martin Fishkov

Regular Contributor
Hi guys,

Still spending way to much time playing with my RT-AC68U on Merlin 380.59, Enjoying it, too.

I ran into a thing that confuses me though: Web History (I have per IP logging enabled) is accessed through Adaptive QoS? That seemed odd (I expected it in the Traffic Analyzer).Unfortunately, I can not filter out entries for devices that are not currently active- unless I am missing something?

Also, if I want to play around with and analyse my traffic history (boy, my IPad is talkative!), the best I could do was create a dump (I found the getWebHistory.asp page that seems to do this) , convert the JScript array to CSV and muck around in Excel... I am hoping there's an easier way? Much interesting stuff to be learned from that dump, so I'd really like some kind of tool for that...

Finally, I noticed, TOR router traffic is completely left out- is there any way I can track the amount of data that went through TOR (without fishing it out of a TOR log file?)

Thanks in advance for any tip you can give me!

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