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What equipment to link data logger to neighbors wifi?

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We have installed a solar PV system for a client. The solar system includes a data logger that normally plugs into a router/switch to upload production data to the Internet. Because my neighbor travels so much, he only uses a cellular based wireless card for his Internet access at home as he takes the card with him when he travels. He would like to be able to monitor his solar system while away.

The client has neighbors with both secured and unsecured wifi that are willing to let him tap into it only for purposes of letting this data logger send it's data out to the internet (It transmits data every 5 minutes). What is the best way to do that. The data logger is on the wall in the garage and needs a physical connection to the Internet. We can pick up the neighbors wifi signals in the garage marginally so our solution might require an external antenna mounted, say, in the soffet to reach the neighbors signal more reliably.

Please advise what hardware you would use in this situation (router/bridge/AP/external antenna/whatever) and what mode it should be set up in. If your recommendation involves non-oem firmware in a product, please advise which to use. It would be very helpful if you could be specific as to what product (even brand/model) you would buy to accomplish this based on your knowledge of the best value product on the market today (Newegg or wherever) that would act as a hopefully long-term reliable solution.

Please specifically point out if the WRT54GL can be used to work reliably in this situation as we have one sitting unused in the office.

Thanks so much for your advice.

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