What Other VPN's Require UPNP And IPV6 Enabled?

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Just curious! I still am not too thrilled I have to have UPNP and IPV6 enabled for HMA vpn by router method. Their billing process is a scam in itself too. Be warned people. I have to use them for a Wisconsin VPN. If it were not for that it would be riddens.


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It's not clear to me if you're using the OEM or Merlin firmware. I would have assumed the former given you're NOT using the Merlin forum. But I'm starting to believe it's the latter given your insistence this requires IPv6.

I found the following two links for ASUS router configuration, one for OEM firmware, the other Merlin.

Only the latter (Merlin) mentions IPv6. And it does NOT say it's required (at least as I read it).

Next, you need to enable IPv6 networking (never mind if you do not actually have IPv6 address provided by your ISP)

I think you're misinterpreting that statement as a requirement. Why it would even mention it given the fact that if your *ISP* required IPv6, this would already be enabled. I think you're interpreting it as ...

Next, you need to enable IPv6 networking (even if you do not actually have IPv6 address provided by your ISP)

As far as UPNP, that makes no sense at all. That's only for the purpose of allowing LAN clients to manage their own port forwards over the WAN (e.g., Xbox). What in the world that has to do w/ HMA or any other VPN client is beyond me. I would ignore it and keep UPNP disabled. Not unless someone can explain the requirement (because it's not obvious). Sometimes VPN providers make odd and nonsensical requirements. Including unnecessary directives in the custom config field.


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HMA set as a client will not work without either turned on. I have not used IPV6 with my RT AX88u until now. And UPNP requirement is a joke. This makes it so much harder to toggle with surfshark.


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Well that's just plain weird. I have no idea how either is needed by HMA, esp. if the OpenVPN connection is using IPv4. And UPNP?? Truly baffling.

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