Diversion Whitelist entry not working

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I have put in several entries in my whitelist (api.usersnap.com, usersnap.com, cdn.usersnap.com, widget.usersnap.com) to allow a feedback form on a site to work. I added these entries, and processed them, but the form is still blocked (even after cache clear and reload). When I disable Diversion, it is not blocked. I have tried reinstalling Diversion, rebooting the router, reprocessing both whitelists and blacklists and all lists, but no luck. I can verify that these entries are on my whitelist, and that they are correct, but it is still being blocked. Any tips on how to make the whitelist respect these entries or troubleshoot what is happening? Thanks!


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ok an interesting twist to this...when I upload my code to my remote server and try to access the form, I am not blocked by Diversion. But when I am previewing it locally (local dev server), I AM blocked (even though it calls the identical url)

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