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Wi-Fi Issues With RT-AC66U-B1

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I've had this issue ever since I bought this router. It is in AP mode and hooked to the ISP Modem/Router. On the Asus router is also a tv-box connected. Whenever someone watches tv on said box, the Wi-Fi becomes very unstable/borderline unusable. Running the latest AsusWRT-Merlin (386.10), the issue is also present on OFW. Usage peaks at +- 20 %, so it's not overloaded. Does anyone know potential solutions or what causes said problem? Thanks in advance!
Welcome to the forums @themen098s.

What is a tv-box? Where and how is it connected?

What specifically makes the WiFi unstable/borderline unusable?

Have you tested the latest 386.11 Alpha 1 to see if any fixes present themselves for your environment?

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