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VPN - AC66U FW 382.52287

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VPN - RT-AC66U FW 382.52287 - Iphone ios 17.1.2 - Openvpn 3.4.1.(5463)

I use VPN on IPHONE and IPAD, I'm using the openvpn software everything was working, recently there is a new version openvpn 3.4.1 (5463) and nothing works anymore.

error message : you are using insecure hash algorithm ca signature

I changed my configuration according to the documentation interface 2

help please
The latest john fork beta (before the project was abandoned) will give you openvpn 2.5.7. Might be worth a try:


Download the latest beta:

Your other option is FreshTomato, which is in active development, but is pretty constrained on AC66U, read more here:

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