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WIFI 6 issues in AiMesh Config

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Deleted member 90505

Hello SNBers,

if have an ASUS only AIMesh for a while now with an RT-AX86U as main router and two RT-AC68U as nodes.
Everything worked fine, all the devices connected without any issues. Wifi6 (11ax) is disabled from the beginning.
I now upgraded the mesh and exchanged an AC68 with a brand new TUF-AX6000.
What a nightmare: all the devices connected to the TUF got WIFI6 and ran into serious connection problems.
I'm not talking about old devices but e.g. Galaxy S22 Ultra or Sonos Play 5.
There is no way to disable the WIFI6 on an AIMesh *node* via web or app interface.

So I ssh'd to the node and disabled it manually in the nvram: wl_11ax=0, wl1_ax11=0 and wl2_11ax=0 then restart wireless service
This works for now, WIFI6 is gone and no more connection issues.

Is there a simpler solution?
well, today I got again these WIFi hiccups I experinced with Wifi6 enabled: certain devices, when not connected for a certain time, don't get internet after waking up. They are connected via WIFI to the AX6000 but it takes 10 seconds and some automatic reconnects until internet is available.
Seems to be a communication issue between the AX6000 and the Ax86U?! Is there a timeout/linger ?

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