WPS not working stuck on 'Connection Status: Idle'


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I was wondering if anyone else is not able to use WPS on RT-AC68U 386.3_2

I've tried both Button and PIN neither work, Connection Status never changes from Idle connection status.

rc_service: httpd 666:notify_rc start_wps_method

This is all i see in the logs.

Poul Bak

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I have exactly the same problem. I just changed the wifi key and wanted to connect my Huawei phone again. I have also tried all the combinations I can find (buttons and pins - rebooted several times).

On my phone several networks display as: 'Network name' (WPS is available)
However for my network it just says 'Network name', so WPS is not available from the router.
I know I have done this before (my router is more than 5 years old and my phone several years, and I have changed the key before using WPS).
So it's an issue that has come in one of the later firmwares.

Has anyone got a solution? How to make WPS work with the newest firmware?


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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to share my experience because it might be helpful. I didn't notice if you all are running Asus-supplied firmware or the alternative Merlin firmware, but regardless, I noticed that WPS stopped working properly at some point in the past year or so.

I am currently running two ASUS RT-AC68U routers configured in a mesh configuration. Both routes are running Merlin firmware version 386_5_2.

I spent all morning fighting with my Miele washer and dryer to get them to work with my Android 12 smartphone that recently was forced a system update that trashed my device so badly that I had to factory reset it and now it won't allow me restore from any backups. Suffice it to say I am quickly beginning to hate technology. But back to the WPS issue.

The last time I used WPS a little over a year ago and it was to bring my Miele washer and dryer online using the push button method. I noticed when I tried to activate this method from my web browser, WPS status never deviated from Idle. After checking my configuration a million times, I decided to revert back to an older firmware, one from a year ago old plus a few months because when I tried this last year, it worked and I remember behind behind on my updates.

Much to my surprise, Merlin firmware 386_1_2 applied directly to my main RT-AC68U router, with no changes to any configurable options, etc., worked like a charm. No factory reset necessary, just installed it, let it reboot itself then I hit the push button activation from the router's web page and the status immediately changed from Idle to something else that made me think it was working. Within 10 seconds, my washing machine successfully connected to my network and then I repeated the process and my clothes dryer successfully connected.

Once I was convinced that my Miele smartphone app had properly established communication with my washer and dryer, I restored the 386_5_2 firmware. Everything continues to work as expected.

For grins I tried to start WPS pushbutton again and it is most definitely broken in the current firmware. I don't know which version it stopped functioning, but at least I was able to identify that WPS still works in 386_1_2.

I hope this helps someone and prevents wasting a whole morning like I just did.

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