WPS not working stuck on 'Connection Status: Idle'


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I was wondering if anyone else is not able to use WPS on RT-AC68U 386.3_2

I've tried both Button and PIN neither work, Connection Status never changes from Idle connection status.

rc_service: httpd 666:notify_rc start_wps_method

This is all i see in the logs.

Poul Bak

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I have exactly the same problem. I just changed the wifi key and wanted to connect my Huawei phone again. I have also tried all the combinations I can find (buttons and pins - rebooted several times).

On my phone several networks display as: 'Network name' (WPS is available)
However for my network it just says 'Network name', so WPS is not available from the router.
I know I have done this before (my router is more than 5 years old and my phone several years, and I have changed the key before using WPS).
So it's an issue that has come in one of the later firmwares.

Has anyone got a solution? How to make WPS work with the newest firmware?

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