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AI-Mesh not working on Asus 86U

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Hi all
I have AC 86U as my main Router and I want to set up 68U as AI-Mesh node. I tried everything and my main router never picked this router as Node wirelessly. it sees it but then errors out and give me a few option to bring the routers close to each other and things like that. I can only able to connect by using a Wired connection but now the problem is after setting up it does not give me the option to connect Node wirelessly. "Backhaul Connection Priority" is set to Ethernet only and it is greyed out and I cannot change to Auto or something else. Any idea, please advise. Thx in advance to all who reply :)
Might be a good idea to factory reset the router and node. Configure the router manually then add the node. Using the current Asus firmware is a good idea and use the WIFI defaults on the router until the mesh is set up. Do not turn off WPS on the router Connecting the node with Ethernet backhaul should not lock in Ethernet Connection Priority.
That is because you have enabled ethernet backhaul mode in aimesh -> system settings, that is why it is grey out.

If you want wireless backhaul, turn off ethernet backhaul mode, turn on wps, reset node, then do aimesh node pairing. When done, turn off wps, then go into aimesh, node settings, change backhaul to 5g or 2.4g.

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