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WRT600n and getting some speed??

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New Around Here
Good evening-

I am setting up my first n network and I think I'm doing something wrong. I have the following components:

linksys WRT600n
netgear WNHDE111
intel 4965AGN Link
The 802.11g intel laptop card (39xx?)

Here's my configuration:

5ghz network is setup to 40mhz wide with WPA2-Personal AES Security. Network mode is N only. Eveything excep the last laptop runs off the this network.

2.4ghz network is setup on the 20mhz chanels, G only, WPA2-Personal AES Security.

I have a desktop hooked up to the netgear access point. For testing I put my laptop (the N laptop on the 5ghz network) about 3 feet away from the netgear bridge (also on the 5 ghz network) to make sure I was getting similar signal. I don't know how to check the signal strength on the bridge.

My problem is this: Even when my latop is reporting an excellent signal and 162 (or something close to that) Mbps, I am only getting about 12 Mbps actual thoroughput when transfering a file from the desktop on the bridge to my N laptop, which is amazingly low. The two devices are only about 15 feet from the router and should have similar signal. I actually hooked both up to the bridge just to make sure the wired network speed was OK and it was - close to 90 Mbps. I believe the WPA2-AES is only supposed to cost about 10% of bandwidth so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

Any ideas on why the network is so slow? I would really appreciate it!

Hi Chris,

A diagram would help, but I'll dive in. If I understand you correctly, you are getting only 12Mbps (measured how?) with this path:

Desktop <ETH> WNHDE111 <5GHz, 40MHz B/W> WRT600N <5GHz, 40MHz B/W>
Notebook w/ Intel 4965AGN Link

You should not see any significant throughput reduction using WPA2/ AES, but you will see fallback to 11g speeds (~20 Mbps best case) using WEP or WPA/TKIP.

I have seen low throughput with some draft 11n gear if they are too close together. Make sure that both the notebook and desktop/WNHDE111 are at least 10 feet from the WRT600N.

What is the throughput with no wireless security enabled?

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