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ZenWiFi XT8 Port Forwarding

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New Around Here
Hi all,

Long time stealer of information and fixes, first time poster, seems this is quite a common issue.

I have configured port forwarding on my XT8 (Asus Firmware but no dice.

ISP Router in bridge mode - XT8 shows correct WAN IP.

Port forwarding log shows:

Source Destination Proto Port range Open by Redirect to Client name Local port
ALL ALL TCP 19132 VSERVER MSFT 5 0 19132
ALL ALL UDP 19132 VSERVER MSFT 5 0 19132
ALL ALL TCP 25565 VSERVER MSFT 5 0 25565
ALL ALL UDP 25565 VSERVER MSFT 5 0 25565

Tried leaving local port empty too.

Disabled and re-enabled firewall.
Windows Firewall off.
Enabling Web Access from WAN and checking port shows port open.

Any ideas please?

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